The Cluster Spaces

A unique business complex offering environment-friendly & ergonomically designed commercial spaces.

Web Design


TheCluster, a unique business complex offering environment-friendly, ergonomically designed commercial spaces accentuated with green areas and terraces, catering to the wellbeing of corporate professionals.



The aim was to create an appealing and straightforward website that accurately communicated the value proposition of The Cluster to its target audience - medium to large businesses prioritizing employee-friendly workspaces.


Our Approach:

We combined smart design strategies and interactive elements to convey The Cluster's offerings effectively while maintaining a clean, user-friendly interface.


Emphasizing Unique Features:

We incorporated high-quality visuals and succinct text to highlight the complex's green spaces, terraces, and ergonomic design. This helped communicate the unique selling points that make The Cluster an appealing choice for prospective tenants.


Interactive Floor Plans:

In response to the client's specific request, we integrated an innovative feature:interactive floor plans. Visitors can hover over individual floors to view available spaces, their capacity, and suggested layouts, offering them a dynamic and comprehensive view of the property.



The outcome is a clean, visually engaging website that captures the essence of The Cluster. The interactive floor plans offer a unique, user-friendly experience, allowing potential tenants to envision their businesses within the space. The website successfully conveys The Cluster's commitment to providing a unique, worker-centric environment, effectively positioning it as an attractive choice for prospective tenants.

Final Result:

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