The 502% Surge in AWM's Digital Growth

AdWize Group's success in skyrocketing AWM's online presence with a 502% growth rate.

Growth Strategy

Achieving noticeable growth and sustained engagement can be a formidable challenge for brands. This case study showcases our strategic prowess in transforming Adam Wa Mishmish (AWM), an educational cartoon series designed to imbue young children with life values and lessons, into a digital sensation. Our journey with AWM is narrated through a two-part case study that demonstrates how a blend of innovative strategies and meticulous execution can lead to remarkable outcomes.

Throughout this dual-faceted case study, our overarching goals were clear: to drive awareness, traffic, and conversions to all of AWM's products and media. By comprehensively addressing both video and web platforms, we aimed to not only meet but exceed these objectives within a year.

Part 1: YouTube Growth

The first segment dives into our approach to revolutionizing AWM's YouTube presence. We embarked on a mission to not only escalate their subscriber count and viewership but also to enhance audience engagement and brand recall. This part of the case study details the tactics we employed to achieve these goals, focusing on SEO, growth hacking, and targeted PPC campaigns.


Boost YouTube subscriber count, video views, impressions, and watch hours, while ensuring a significant portion of this growth is organic. Additionally, enhance the performance of their library of 275+ videos through thorough optimization.


Combining the trifecta of SEO, Growth Hacking, and User Experience (UX), AdWize Group embarked on a mission to revamp Adam Wa Mishmish's online narrative.


1. Deep-Dive Analysis: Initiated with a comprehensive audit of the existing content and viewer behavior, identifying gaps and opportunities.
2. SEO Revamp: Re-optimized all 275+ videos on the channel. This included refining titles, descriptions, and tags based on high-volume, relevant keyword research.
3. Thumbnail Optimization: Recognizing the importance of click-through rates, we redesigned video thumbnails to be more engaging and relevant to the content.
4. Engagement Boosters: Encouraged viewers to interact more by utilizing features like end screens, info cards, and pinning top comments.
5. Growth Hacking: Leveraged collaborations with popular Arabic influencers, hosted giveaways, and initiated user-generated content campaigns.
6. PPC Campaigns: Ran targeted Pay-Per-Click campaigns, which accounted for 41% of the results.
7. User Insights: Tweaked video upload frequency and timing based on viewer habits, and ensured mobile optimization, recognizing the mobile-first viewing trend.


In just 11 months, the channel witnessed:

A phenomenal 502% growth in subscriber count, leaping from 135,992 to a whopping 817,485.

Growing Youtube subscribers by 502% in less than a year

A staggering 21 million views and 66.5 million impressions.

21 million views on Youtube

589 thousand watch hours, fostering a deeper brand-audience relationship.

Increase Youtube watch time strategically

41% of this success came from our targeted PPC efforts, with the remaining growth achieved organically through our optimization strategies.

Does YouTube advertising increase benefit your channel?

Part 2: Website Transformation

The second part of our case study shifts the focus to AWM's website. Initially unindexed and invisible in Google's search results, we transformed it into a high-performing, user-friendly platform, drawing in thousands of niche-market users each month. This section underscores the significance of technical SEO, content strategy, and website optimization in driving organic traffic and conversions.

The Challenge

Adam Wa Mishmish's digital presence wasn't limited to YouTube. They also had a website, an essential touchpoint to further the brand's reach. However, the website was a hidden gem, entirely non-indexed, making it invisible to Google's vast user base.


The goal was clear: Transform the website from being a mere digital placeholder to a dynamic platform driving organic traffic, all while catering to a niche and modest market.


The website overhaul strategy was two-pronged - ensuring its discoverability on search engines and providing users with an unparalleled browsing experience.


1. Technical SEO Overhaul: Started with addressing the fundamental issue - the site's invisibility. Implemented necessary backend fixes to ensure the site was indexed by Google.
2. Content Optimization: Recognizing that good content needs visibility, we optimized all web content using niche-specific keywords to attract the target audience.
3. Speed Optimization: In today's digital age, speed is king. The website was revamped to be lightning-fast, placing it in the top 1% of websites globally in terms of performance.
4. Structural Excellence: Streamlined the website's structure, ensuring it's intuitive, user-friendly, and fosters seamless navigation.
5. Backlink Strategy: Fostered high-quality backlinks from authoritative sources to further boost search engine rankings.
6. Mobile Responsiveness: With a significant chunk of users accessing websites on mobile, ensuring the site was mobile-optimized was pivotal.


From being non-indexed, the website soared to draw in thousands of users monthly, a commendable feat given its niche market focus.

How to use SEO to target a niche market

The speed and structural optimizations led to a lower bounce rate and higher user retention, making the website not just a point of information but also engagement.

Final Thoughts

In tandem with the YouTube success, Adam Wa Mishmish's website's transformation added another feather to AdWize Group's cap. By ensuring the brand's digital touch points are optimized, accessible, and user-friendly, we've set the stage for continued digital success for Adam Wa Mishmish.

With an integrated approach spanning video and the web, AdWize Group ensures your brand shines brightly in the vast digital galaxy.

Client Testimonial

"Working with AdWize has been an utmost pleasure, they have really been our partner throughout the duration of our projects and beyond, providing key insights that have been very beneficial towards our strategies. They have been an integral part of our success in the past year, and we are very grateful to have found a partner like them. Our YouTube channel saw massive organic growth upon AdWize optimizing hundreds of our videos. AdWize also launched a growth campaign where we saw a 425% increase in subscribers with a massive increase in views."

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