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A beauty brand renowned for its all-natural, organic product.

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Client Brief


Jawaher, a beauty brand renowned for its all-natural, organic products, had a clear vision. With their flagship product, Jawaher Hair Oil, already achieving stunning results for numerous users, they wanted to transition toe-commerce and sell their products online. The brief required us to create an appealing website that reflected the brand's ethos of natural beauty and miraculous outcomes. A key aspect of the project was to incorporate the personality and story of Farah, the founder, adding a personal touch to the brand narrative.




Our goal was twofold: to create a visually captivating online platform that both encapsulates Jawaher's brand identity and showcases the real person behind the brand, and to ensure seamless technical integration for streamlined order management.




Two key challenges emerged during the project: to develop a website that effectively conveyed the brand's natural and transformative ethos, and to integrate the website's order management system with the client's office printer for automated order printing. This demanded a fusion of creative UX/UI expertise and proficient technical acumen.


Our Approach


Incorporating Brand Identity: We developed a website design inspired by Jawaher's natural ingredients, featuring visuals and content that reflected the brand's promise of magical beauty transformations.


Personalizing the Brand: To give customers a sense of connection with the brand, we spotlighted the founder, Farah, highlighting her story and passion for natural beauty products.


Technical Integration: To streamline the order management process, we integrated the website with the client's office printer. This meant that as soon as a customer made a purchase on the website, the order would be automatically printed, providing an efficient system for managing sales.




The result was a visually stunning and user-friendly e-commerce website that authentically represented Jawaher's brand. The integration of Farah's story added a unique personal touch, enhancing the connection between customers and the brand.


Additionally, the integration of the website with the client's office printer has allowed for a smooth, automated order management process. The website also features hundreds of genuine testimonials collected from social media, further bolstering the brand's credibility and trustworthiness.


The success of this project illustrates how a thoughtful blend of creative design, personalized branding, and technical proficiency can result in a compelling online presence and streamlined e-commerce capabilities.

Final Result:

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