Hakkini interactive Assessment

An online platform that connects individuals with top-notch mental health specialists.


Client Brief


Hakkini, an online platform that connects individuals with top-notch mental health specialists, approached us with a specific request. Their vision was to create interactive landing pages complemented by an assessment tool designed to guide users to the right specialist based on their responses.




The primary aim was to facilitate an intuitive, private, and supportive experience for users seeking mental health services. By integrating an assessment into the user journey, we sought to personalize the pathway, directing users to therapists best suited to address their specific concerns.




The project presented several complexities. Creating a seamless user experience required intricate conditional logic for the assessment tool, where responses would determine the specialist recommendation. With 33 different assessments provided by the client, ensuring accurate implementation of this logic was a daunting task. Simultaneously, the landing pages needed to maintain a consistent look and feel, optimizing user engagement and understanding.


Our Approach


To address these challenges, we used Typeform as our foundation due to its versatility and capacity for custom coding. We integrated custom HTML coding for each assessment, allowing for personalized responses based on users' answers.


Conditional Logic Integration: We meticulously crafted the conditional logic for each assessment based on the questions provided by the client. This ensured that users would be directed to the correct specialist based on their responses, thus personalizing their journey on the platform.


Landing Page Design: Alongside the assessments, we developed interactiveHTML landing pages that captured Hakkini's brand identity and message while promoting user engagement.




The outcome was a series of responsive, interactive landing pages equipped with personalized assessment tools, all linked seamlessly to Hakkini's portal for further engagement. The experience was intuitive and personalized, guiding users through a sensitive process in a supportive and meaningful way.


The campaign was a triumph, with the landing pages and assessments performing flawlessly, demonstrating the power of carefully executed web development and design in enhancing user experience and facilitating access to vital mental health resources.

Final Result:

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