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GB Advisory, a prominent regional consulting firm, was faced with a predicament. Their website, their primary digital gateway to potential clients, was antiquated, lacked user-friendly navigation, and failed to effectively communicate the full range of their high-quality services. In short, their digital platform did not mirror their modern, innovative approach to business consulting.


GB Advisory boasts an impressive roster of clients, including Arab Bank, Khalifa Fund, Arab Mining Company, and the Jordan Prime Ministry, among others. However, the previous website did not do justice to their distinguished portfolio, nor did it properly represent their deep expertise in their field.




Understanding the gravity of the challenge and its potential impact on GB Advisory's business, we embarked on a comprehensive website redesign journey. Our aim was to create a digital platform that would align with their modern business strategies, effectively showcase their vast portfolio and expertise, and enhance overall user experience.


Modern Design: The outdated design was replaced with a clean, minimalist, and modern one, resonating with the progressive approach GB Advisory adopts in their consulting services. We emphasized aesthetics but ensured the design was functional, allowing the quality of the content to shine through.


Showcasing Expertise: To highlight GB Advisory's profound expertise and the value of their services, we focused on crafting concise, impactful copy. The well-written content clearly spelled out their unique selling points, helping potential clients understand why GB Advisory was their best choice.


Improved Navigation: Acknowledging that the previous website's navigation was a significant drawback, we created an intuitive website structure. We made sure users could quickly find the information they needed without any hassle, enhancing the overall user experience.


Interactive Elements: To make the website engaging and dynamic, we integrated interactive features, such as animated graphics and dynamic hover effects. These elements were not just visually pleasing but also served to further engage visitors and keep them interested in exploring the firm's offerings.




The resulting website is a true reflection of GB Advisory's identity - modern, professional, and customer-focused. It effectively communicates the firm's unique value proposition, showcases its extensive portfolio, and delivers a significantly improved, intuitive user experience.


The transformation from an outdated, cumbersome website to a sleek, user-friendly, and engaging platform has positioned GB Advisory for greater digital success, enabling them to connect more effectively with potential clients and partners.

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