A business intelligence platform for the F&B, retail, and e-commerce industries in Saudi Arabia.




Fruits360, a frontrunner in providing business intelligence and analytics for the F&B, retail, and e-commerce industries in Saudi Arabia, faced a significant challenge. They sought a website that perfectly embodied their meticulous UX design, but the twist was that the website needed to be constructed using a no-code platform.


No-code solutions offer benefits like speed and ease of use, but achieving a pixel-perfect design that aligns precisely with the client's exacting UX design parameters can be a formidable task. This unique demand presented a complex challenge: how to deliver on the detailed design requirements using a platform typically associated with more general applications.




Our strategy was to tackle this challenge head-on by employing a bespoke no-code solution, specifically tailored to meet the client's needs. We choseWordPress as the foundation for the platform, given its flexibility and wide range of plugins and tools that can be adapted to meet specific requirements.


Pixel-Perfect Design: By leveraging the versatility of WordPress, we meticulously crafted each website component, ensuring that the layout, design elements, and overall user experience matched the client's precise UX design.Every pixel was placed with intention and accuracy, adhering to the exact design specifications provided by Fruits360.


No-Code Approach: Despite the detailed and complex design, we adhered to the client's no-code requirement. We used various WordPress plugins and tools to build the site, optimizing them to work seamlessly together. This approach enabled us to fulfill the client's demands without compromising on design or functionality.




The outcome is a successful, pixel-perfect website, flawlessly reflecting Fruits360's meticulous UX design, all built on a no-code platform.It stands as a testament to the feasibility and effectiveness of using no-code solutions for precise, custom projects.


The new website meets and exceeds Fruits360's expectations, effectively demonstrating how careful planning, the right tools, and a bit of ingenuity can bridge the gap between the ease of no-code platforms and the detail-oriented world of custom UX design. This project successfully showcases Fruits360's services and solidifies their online presence, further strengthening their position in their industry.

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