Delta Insurance Leads Campaign

A lead generation campaign for a big insurance company in Jordan.

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Our client, an insurance company, decided to step up their game with the launch of a revolutionary new product. They entrusted us with the critical task of spearheading a marketing campaign that would not only raise awareness about this innovative product but also generate valuable leads for the business.


Client's Brief

The client had developed an innovative product that was set to disruptthe tech market. The product was unique and provided solutions to many commonchallenges faced by users. Our mission was to effectively communicate these keyselling points to the public, emphasizing the product's benefits and why it wasa must-have for potential customers. The objective was twofold: create a buzzaround the product and generate leads for potential sales.


Our Strategy


Understanding the uniqueness of the product and its potential to disruptthe market, we knew that our marketing strategy needed to be equally dynamicand innovative. The first step was to identify our target audience, study theirbehavior, and understand their needs. Once we had this insight, we began todevelop a multi-faceted marketing strategy that was both engaging andinformative.


Awareness Campaign: To create a buzz around the product, we launched anawareness campaign across multiple platforms. This involved creating engagingcontent that explained the features of the product and how it could add valueto users' lives. We leveraged the power of social media and partnered withinfluencers to reach a wider audience.


Lead Generation: To convert this buzz into valuable leads, weimplemented various lead generation strategies. This included developing alanding page that captured the essence of the product and encouraged visitorsto learn more about it. This page was equipped with lead capture forms wherevisitors could express their interest in the product, providing us with potentialleads for future sales.


Retargeting Campaign: To increase conversions, we implemented aretargeting campaign. Using pixels, we tracked visitors to our landing page whodidn't fill out the lead capture form and retargeted them with personalized adson different platforms, reminding them of the product and the benefits itoffered.


Challenges and Solutions


Like any marketing campaign, we encountered challenges. There was aninitial hesitance among the target audience to try a new product, especiallyone that claimed to be disruptive. To address this, we arranged livedemonstrations and offered trial periods to potential customers, allowing themto experience the product first-hand.


The process of capturing leads also posed a challenge due to the highly competitive nature of the tech market. To counter this, we offered exclusive early-bird offers and discounts to people who filled out our lead capture forms. This created an incentive for people to express their interest in the product.




The marketing campaign was a resounding success. The awareness campaign reached an impressive number of people, generating considerable interest in the new product. The lead generation strategies successfully converted this interest into valuable leads, with the landing page experiencing a high conversion rate.


The retargeting campaign also performed well, with a significant number of visitors returning to the landing page and expressing interest in the product.


This case study serves as a testament to our ability to create effective marketing campaigns that not only raise awareness about a product but also generate leads and potential sales. It illustrates our understanding of the target audience and our ability to craft strategies that appeal to them, ensuring the successful launch of a new product.

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