Amaken Business Center

Plug-and-play coworking solutions located in a prime area.

Web Design


To create a minimalistic website emphasizing their strategic location, workspace offerings, and the unique features and benefits provided to their tenants.


Our Approach:

We were inspired by the client's 'less is more' philosophy and their commitment to offering seamless co-working solutions. The goal was to build a website that mirrored these principles while clearly communicating their unique selling points.


Highlighting Location:

We created an interactive map showcasing the prime location of the co-working space. This visual feature allowed visitors to explore the area and appreciate its surrounding amenities.


Space Offerings:

We dedicated a segment of the website to provide a detailed overview of the space offerings.High-quality photos were paired with succinct descriptions to convey the variety, flexibility, and quality of the co-working spaces available.


Features & Benefits:

An intuitive infographic was designed to represent the myriad of benefits and features offered by the co-working space. This graphic-focused approach was consistent with the minimalist design philosophy while ensuring important information was communicated effectively.



The resulting website successfully embodies the client's minimalistic approach, clearly outlines the offerings, and underscores the benefits of their prime location.The design and content of the site ensure a user-friendly experience while aligning with the client's core identity. The result is a platform that matches the premium, efficient, and uncomplicated experience that the client offers to their renters.

Final Result:

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