Adam Wa Mishmish

Educational cartoon created for children to learn and love the Arabic language.

Web Design


Adam Wa Mishmish, an innovative online education company offering scientifically-backed, animated videos for children, encountered technical challenges on their website. The issues ranged from bugs to poor integration between Arabic and English language settings. The site's design and functionality inadequately represented the creative spirit, quality, and effort evident in their videos. Their product range, sponsor details, and information about available streaming platforms were also not effectively showcased.



Instead of merely resolving the technical glitches, we seized this opportunity to give Adam Wa Mishmish's website a complete makeover that would reflect their brand's personality and mission. Our approach was to build a platform as fun, engaging, and educational as their animated content, aligning with their brand's identity.

To improve the language integration issue, we developed a dynamic switch system that fluidly translated the website content between Arabic and English without disrupting the overall user experience. We squashed the bugs that had hindered the website's smooth operation, enhancing the site's usability. 

Next, we redesigned the site layout to showcase the company's entire product line, sponsors, and performance metrics prominently. We also incorporated vibrant, interactive design elements to make the platform inviting and engaging for both children and parents.

Lastly, we integrated a section detailing the available streaming platforms, ensuring that visitors could easily access Adam Wa Mishmish's valuable content wherever they prefer.



Our holistic approach led to a revamped, bug-free website that accurately mirrors the company's identity and ethos. The site is now a fitting tribute to the creativity and educational value that Adam Wa Mishmish's animations provide, while also improving the accessibility of their content. It serves as a vibrant, fun, and user-friendly gateway for children and parents alike to embark on their educational journey with Adam Wa Mishmish.

Final Result:

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