Abdulhadi Hospital

One of Jordan's largest and most reputable healthcare providers.

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Project Summary:

We were approached by Abdulhadi Hospital, one of Jordan's largest and most reputable healthcare providers, to kickstart their digital footprint with a comprehensive and content-rich website. The website was to be an exhaustive repository showcasing their departments, doctors, cutting-edge equipment, and all the unique aspects that make them market leaders.


Client Brief:

The client envisioned a user-friendly website bustling with diverse content including text, videos, and images. The site needed to present an extensive amount of information cohesively and professionally, maintaining easy navigation and accessibility.Vital features, such as displaying emergency contact numbers and the hospital's location prominently, were to be ensured for instant access to crucial information.


Challenges facing the Client:

The project's main challenge was to provide a flawless user experience (UX) while handling an enormous amount of content. It was crucial to arrange the wealth of information in a digestible and easily navigable manner without overwhelming the user, all while retaining a professional and engaging visual appeal. The site also had to cater to diverse users, including patients, their families, and medical professionals.



After a dedicated period of design, testing, and optimization, we successfully delivered a comprehensive, user-centric website for Abdulhadi Hospital. The resulting website is neatly organized and intuitively navigated, making a wealth of information accessible and easily understandable to users from all backgrounds.


The responsive design and easy navigation tools ensured that users could find what they needed quickly, while the always-visible header with emergency numbers and the hospital's location enhanced accessibility.


Our attention to detail, understanding of the client's needs, and innovative design approach resulted in a website that effectively positions Abdulhadi Hospital as a leading healthcare provider, both online and offline. The project reflects our commitment to providing our clients with solutions that not only meet but exceed their digital ambitions.

Final Result:

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