A Glimpse of Resistance

A compelling initiative spotlighting stories from oppressed women worldwide.

Web Design

Project Summary:

The project, titled "A Glimpse of Resistance", is a compelling initiative spotlighting stories from oppressed women worldwide. We reimagined these narratives as part of an online art gallery, a creative endeavor to amplify their voices and honor their resilience in an impactful, poignant, and visually engaging manner.


Client Brief:

Our client aimed to present these stories creatively rather than through traditional text-based methods.The key objectives were to embed a horizontal scrolling feature to imitate the experience of traversing an art gallery, while also integrating a user-friendlyContent Management System (CMS) enabling the client to add new stories seamlessly.


Challenges facing the Client:

The project presented a unique set of challenges. Our team needed to design an intuitive horizontal scrolling interface for the website, a feature that isn't commonly used due to its inherent user navigation complexities. Simultaneously, we needed to provide a simple, efficient CMS to accommodate the ever-growing number of stories without compromising the aesthetic integrity of the site or its ease of use.



After an intense period of brainstorming, designing, and testing, we launched "A Glimpse ofResistance". The website seamlessly incorporated the horizontal scrolling feature, creating an immersive, gallery-like experience that resonated with visitors. Our custom-designed CMS system provided the client with an uncomplicated method to add, manage, and present new stories.


In addition to meeting all the project objectives, the site received an overwhelmingly positive response for its innovative design and powerful storytelling method. As a testament to its success, the project was showcased at the United Nations headquarters, effectively amplifying these powerful stories of resistance on an international platform.


This project stands as a testament to our agency's ability to blend creativity with technical expertise, leading to a result that not only fulfilled our client's unique vision but also contributed significantly to a vital global cause.

Final Result:

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